Kinds Of Leather

Sheepskin Leather

Sheepskin, also popularly known as lambskin or shearling, is basically a typical kind of full grain leather which is made from the skin/wool of a sheep. The best fact it carries is that it is flame retardant as well as water resistant. The sheepskin is also amazingly waterproofed for the most part, due to the fact that it doesn’t even have a bit of even an oily feel to it. Another beautiful fact about sheepskin is that it is super soft as well as malleable, which makes it a perfect choice as a jacket for mild seasons. Sheepskin has a great reputation for being cozy as well as warm when you’re cold. On the other hand, it remains cool when you’re warm. These features make this material incredibly versatile, and it works for both cool as well as hotter climates.

Cowhide Leather

Cowhide itself is the most natural form of unbleached skin of a cow, retaining same colour as the skin of the cow itself. It is processed into a kind of leather, called as cowhide leather, which can be used further to make end products such as shoes, pocket wallets, leather jackets, belts, etc.The Cow skin leather produced as resultant is rugged as well as durable but; the fact is, it can be broken in. It is much thicker, more stronger and less likely to tear apart or rip than other types of leather. It is also much easy to care for as well as resistant to water plus dirt; which is simply the reason making cowhide a good choice for exotic, durable and best outerwear like jackets. It conforms to the shape of its wearer’s body. This means the more you wear cowhide jackets, the more and more comfortable it becomes.

Suede Leather

Suede Leather is a unique kind of material that is created through the tanning of hides as well as skins of animals, which is primarily cattle hide.
Since it does not include the tough outer / exterior skin layer, suede leather material is usually less durable but on the other hand, softer than standard leather itself.
Suede leather type is highly popular in upholstery, shoes, jackets, bags, ponchos, vests, gloves; and most popularly as a lining for other leather products. The use as lining is owing to comfort it provides because of its softening feel. It also allows breathability very well; and hence it is extremely comfortable, cozy and light to carry on.
On the other hand, since it has textured nature as well as open pores, it has tendency to become dirty as it adsorb liquids quickly. Suede leather should be wiped and cleaned totally as per manufacturer's directions to make it last longer.

Faux Leather


Faux leather; also known as artificial leather / leatherette, pleather or  even Naugahyde®; is a fabric that apparently looks like leather, but it is actually created out of other materials. The kind of this material is often cheaper, but looks more versatile than the actual real leather, but the fact is that it may not be as high-quality as the commitment delivered from the real leather.From looks perspective, it seems different from real leather in many numerous ways, and also feels as well as smells different. The feel of this material is plastic or vinyl type. Like real leather has a very typical distinctive smell; on the other hand, faux leather doesn't smell terribly like anything and it also smells like plastic.The best thing about faux leather is that it can be made into any different type of color or texture, and this can lead to making it more fashion forward; allowing people more freedom when decorating, and the great thing is that it also generally costs less. It is far more easy to clean, and it usually only needs a superficial occasional wipe with help of a damp cloth. On the other hand, real leather needs regular conditioning. Faux leather is also very durable, and it won't fade as easily in UV light.


Cotton Fabric

Cotton is a popular kind of fabric with immense breathability, high absorption, great comfort and lasting durability. The world uses cotton fabric more than any other naturally grown fibre, only because it has unique ability to control moisture, provide insulation, extra comfort being hypoallergenic.
A particular type of processing also makes it weatherproof and durable fabric. Owing to this, cotton is widely used into garments, such as jackets, coats and related apparel.
Regardless of atmospheric temperature, cotton really keeps you comfortable as you exercise, by keeping moisture from building up.
It protects well against from heat in the summer; and in winter, it provides thermal insulation as the typical cotton fabric traps air just between the fabric fibers, thus helping into providing insulation and comfort.
One the amazing features about cotton fabric is that it rarely causes allergic reactions, making it perfect for baby clothing as well as people of any age/gender.

Wool Fabric

Wool is a popular fabric, available into variety of variants than anything. It is extremely versatile, because of which it is possibly worn as different body garment than any other material. It comes in different weaves and cloths, shaping variety from head to toe.
Although cotton is extremely popular, there are certain exceptional properties of Wool that makes it irresistible.
First of all, wool can be can be woven into creatively into thick fabrics with a deep as well as rich texture. It gives tremendous warmth as it holds heat inside extremely well. Even a thin wool jacket keeps cozy owing to the fact that it adds a lot of warmth to you, especially in the case when movement and exercise are keeping your inner core temperature up. Wool material cloths hold their shape as well as last a long time, as its also water resistance.  This makes wool based garments as traditionally worn tightly-woven sweaters based of raw wool for their protection in extremely wet as well as cold climates.
Hence, the best cold-weather sweaters are also more likely to be based on wool; whereas thinner sweaters are also made with wool being the best choice of all.

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