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That is an amazing p
That is an amazing pared down list. Can I ask if you work full time? Because I'm not sure that I could live with only such a small worbrade, I would need to constantly clean and dryclean to have clean clothes to wear to work! I'm working on minimising mine by a great extent, but must admit that I still struggle with letting go of some things that I don't wear regularly and I'm still trying to find all the pieces that I love. You are lucky that you have found them.
Svetlana, rizKiZvTHi
Amazing Club Biker Leather Jacket

25. "Moment ago I picked up my red fighter club Brad Pitt's jacket and I am even beyond being happy with it. It is the most lovely and beautiful leather jacket that I’ve ever seen and I can hardly resist to take it out and you will be surprised that I get bugs splattered all over it! To my fortune I live in USA so I can easily try on different kinds of jackets for the sake of sizing and style. I’m really VERY picky about everything like fit and details and here I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you a lot for your great service and more than just good craftsmanship."

Vicky, Chicago
Famous Celebrity leather jackets

24. "Just unwrapped the gigantic ,brown paper package. WOW! My new Bane jacket! It’s terrifically and absolutely beautiful ! Perfect slim fit. I haven’t been able out it apart or take it off. I’ve looked myself in the mirror for more than a half dozen times. Great Job ! I’m still stunned by how nice they feel and they look each and every time I put them on over me. They never ever fail to draw attention and they are as comfortable along with being so attractive. The entire staff are friendly people as well as super cool guys. I can’t say more enough then what a huge fan of yours I am. Nothing else compares to slimleatherjackets."

John, San diego
Best Designer Leather

23. "I cannot say more than enough about the brilliant customer service at Online messenger of slimleatherjackets. I purchased a pair of designer jacket along with gloves and as soon as I opened them they were really not exactly as what I really wanted. But, the representative at your end were fast and quick to resolve the issue and readily made me a new pair. They absolutely were as per the guarantee that if the I am not happy then in that case neither are they. I should say that what I received was perfect and I cannot wait to wear them before my biking lesson starts. Guess that another jacket will not be far behind."

Robert, washingtom
Perfect Slim Leather Jackets

22. "I received my jacket the day before yesterday neatly wrapped in lovely brown paper. What I found was that it was superbly amazing. Indeed amazing. I’m not a a very rich man but I do like and enjoy quality goods and don't go for anything less than what is really the best and this is what I have chosen you for. My leather riding jackets are and will now always be of slimleatherjackets. The fit that I recieved was I believe the most perfect. My entire buying experience with you people from top to toe was completely terrific. Please let each and everyone on your team know that cowleatherjackets has another customer for the entire life.
Great work!"

Jason, San diego
Very Much Delighted Customer

21. "My jacket arrived exactly the other day and I was really so very impressed as soon as I unwrapped it. I also have other jackets from some other excellent brands. None of them are as excellent as slimleatherjackets. One of the most amazing things regarding them is their awing customer service. I am always picked by the company with the very best service. Anytime I had any question, the online representative calmly explained in easy detail in the way as if he had all day to explain with me and If only I was their customer. Thanks so much for such a wonderful jacket and really thanks again for your extreme patience and complete professionalism."

Revin Kotter, San diego
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